Best Practices

Best Practices begin with understanding the Patent and Trademark filing language and the process on a global level. P& T Docketing Pros has the expertise with over 20 years of experience.


  • Current Trademark and Patent legislation
  • US and International patent & trademarks 
  • Verification of Deemed application filing and expiration terms
  • Legislative Changes; Docket Ruling
  • Professional Client Advocacy
  • Global Level Experience

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P&T Docketing Pros Your Dependable Resource

You Can Depend on P&T Docketing Pros to get your application processed – Accurate, Specialized and Dependable!


  • Docketing of all Patent Office Comm
  • Patent Designs
  • PCT, ARIPO, OAPI, EA, and EPO Prosecution Procedures
  • Appeals and Statutory Deadlines
  • User Acceptance Validation

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There is "No Second Chance for Unmet Deadlines!"

Thorough knowledge of legislation, contractual language, intellectual property, accurate tracking...


  • Unitary Patent Process
  • International Patent Design Procedures
  • EUIPO Designs and Trademark Process
  • Dates & Deadline Management
  • US & International Prosecution Docketing

Have a question, ask Robin Cali


P&T Docketing Pros have over 20 years of all aspects of patent and trademark worldwide prosecution docketing rule, and intellectual property activities. 


  • US and International Trademark Renewals
  • Madrid Protocol Procedures
  • Validation of Patent and Trademark Rules
  • Appeals and Statutory Deadlines
  • Acquisition Verification

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