We all understand the critical importance of docketing, and how crucial it is to be accurate and apprised of all new legislation for patent and trademarks. It was not until recently I discovered there are a variety of sources to track information, but none of them are 100% accurate for patent and trademark docketing.

I created this group primarily for patent and trademark professionals and docketing wizards to share information, sources, and collaborate with each other on any existing and upcoming legislation for patent and trademarks which would effect day-to-day docketing activities! Corporations and Law Firms welcome.

How I Beat a Patent Troll - by Drew Curtis

Patenting a new drug helps finance its immense cost to develop -- but that same patent can put advanced treatments out of reach for sick people in developing nations, at deadly cost. Ellen 't Hoen talks about an elegant, working solution to the problem: the Medicines Patent Pool.

Looking to go into the fashion industry? Think Again...

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