There is "No Second Chance for Unmet Deadlines!"

Understanding the importance of patent and trademark provisional docketing is only half of the story. Thorough knowledge of  legislation, contractual language, intellectual property and an accurate tracking system to meet critical deadlines is the rest of a successful story.

Robin Cali

Founder, & Innovator

Member of the National Docketing Association

A "Go-To" thought Leader in the field of Patent and Provisional Trademark Processing.

Robin Cali is a Senior Product Manager designing automated software solutions to corporate legal teams with tools streamlining the activities associated with intellectual property portfolio management, ownership, and deadlines for prosecution.

Additionally, Robin has worked to deliver specific software requirements for creating and maintaining patent and patent and trademark statutory rules within a software database, designing invention, patent and trademark work-flows, and rolling-out user acceptance pilot programs.


For over 20 years, Robin has worked with leading international corporations and law firms, managing solutions for intellectual property portfolios.  She has leveraged her IP skills and expertise to create and publish instructional materials and eLearning courses related to patent and trademark docketing, matter management, procurement, and best practices.


Robin’s mission for your online platforms is to provide resources for IP docket and paralegal professionals who understand the critical importance of docketing, and how crucial it is to be accurate and apprised of all new legislation for patent and trademarks.


Robin's continued commitment to providing a forum to learn and share information, sources, and encourage collaboration on existing and upcoming patent and trademark legislation that affect day-to-day docketing activities is paramount!


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